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Sergio Ramos thinks big

Sergio Ramos poses with the PSG shirt.Paris Saint-Germain / Paris Saint-Germain / EFE

“Welcome to Paris”, they shouted to Sergio Ramos in French as soon as he set foot on the ground this Wednesday in the French capital. “Thank you“The PSG defender answered in English. Everything is strange for him after a lifetime in Madrid and Seville. But, as he said in his farewell to the Bernabéu, “it’s time to accept the present.” The French club officially announced its signing for two courses yesterday, as the player wanted, after the entity escaped the news a day before with a note that was accidentally published on the web.

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“It is a very big change in my life, a new challenge, a very special moment for me. I come with the desire to work hard and win titles ”, said the center-back in his first words with the new shirt to the official PSG media. Years ago the magnifying glass rested on the Park of the Princes, increasingly to the extent that the State of Qatar has been raising the budget. And the landing of Ramos in the team that Mauricio Pochettino now coaches means an even greater increase in the gaze and pressure in search of the European holy grail. For them there will only be one thermometer: the trophies they get, especially the Champions League, an unknown in the honors room of the Parisian club.

“We are in a club that wants to win everything. Afterwards, football is not an exact science, there are always details that make a game lose or win. But you have to do your best to be calm, giving your all on the pitch is also what defines this team and this club, you always have to think big. We are here to give everything and win ”, insisted the Sevillian in an institutional tone.

“A club already established, solid, young, but a reality, with great players, and that wants to continue growing.” This is how the ex-Madridista defined his new destination. At his side will be found a collection of stars for whom there will be no other possible happy ending than victory in Europe. Neymar, Verratti, Di María and, the most coveted piece, Mbappé, is joined by Ramos, who at 35 will be asked for the ground and leadership to give the last push towards the continental summit. “I think I can bring experience and maturity. I am a worker, I like to be constant and have a sense of sacrifice. This is what I have achieved throughout my career and I will try to do my best to try to get titles ”, commented the Spanish defender, who received the hug and smiles from Pochettino, a gesture conveniently filmed and projected by the club .

New allies

“I start each season with the same motivation, I challenge myself each year to start from scratch and have the same determination and the same desire to win. That is what I am going to do here as well. I want to do things with great humility, with a lot of work, with a lot of effort and with a lot of commitment. This is what I think best defines me ”, stressed the center-back, who will compete for a position with the Brazilian Marquinhos and the French Kimpembe. The Parisian rear suffered a year ago the departure of Thiago Silva in the direction of Chelsea, with which he raised the Orejona one month ago.

Ramos will not lack friends, acquaintances and new accomplices in this new stage. Like Keylor Navas, his old comrade at Real Madrid, whom he defended so much when he was questioned by the white leadership. Like Di María and Achraf, with whom he already shared a dressing room at the Bernabéu. Like Neymar, with whom he wove a good relationship two summers ago, when he tried unsuccessfully to attract him to Valdebebas. Or, except for a turn of events, like Mbappé, with whom he will not finally meet in Madrid, but in Paris.

Twice the Sevillian visited the Parque de los Príncipes with Real Madrid: a draw (0-0) in 2015 and a victory in 2018 (1-2). A year later he was absent and the team starred in one of those hits that he lavished so much in Europe when he was not there (3-0). Yesterday a large group awaited him like a hero at the gates of the stadium to remind him of the European mission that awaited him.

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