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Sergen Yalçın’s goal in the UEFA Champions League is to get out of the groups

Besiktas Coach Sergen YalcinIn the 100% Football program broadcast on TRT Spor, UEFA Champions LeagueHe stated that they did not fall into an easy group in .

Yalçın said, “The difference between us and Europe has widened. “We train at tempo. We can change the format of the game in the Champions League. You can’t score points there by waving your hand. You have to be realistic.” he said.

Stating that Alex Teixeira, one of the new signings of the black-and-white team, is ready to play for 60 minutes, and Michy Batshuayi is ready because he is camping with Chelsea at the beginning of the season, Yalçın said that Francisco Montero, who played for Beşiktaş on loan last season, is also included in the team. noted that it will. Yalçın stated that Rıdvan Yılmaz would not be sent to any club for rent.

Criticizing the decision taken regarding the foreign player rule, Yalçın said:

“Is it right for six foreign players to sit in the hut? This should be the real question. Do we think that the player will grow by playing three Turkish players? If we restrict foreign players, the logic of Turkish football will develop is wrong. You cannot stand in front of the man who will play. Kerem appeared in Galatasaray, he plays. Who decides first on the foreign border? Let it be explained that he got it. I take the decision about the players in Beşiktaş. I wonder who made this decision there. The answer ‘Turkish Football Federation took’ does not satisfy me. Why does it concern you how many foreigners play? If the foreigner is free, I will ask Ersin, Am I not going to play Ridvan, Salih, Kenan, Necip?”

Stating that it is on the agenda for Adem Ljajic, who was excluded from the squad, to go to PAOK, Yalçın said, “We left Adem Ljajic completely out of the squad because we gave up hope. I met with Adem at least 8 times. I gave him a lot of chances, but he never reached the level we wanted. At that cost, this performance is unacceptable.” he said.

To a question about Gedson Fernandes, whose transfer is on the agenda, Yalçın said, “I don’t want 6 numbers anymore, I need players playing 6-8 together. That’s why I wanted Gedson Fernandes. I don’t know what his situation is at the moment.” replied in the form.

Yalçın also criticized the VAR system, saying, “This VAR, why does it exist? Kenan’s position last week, Vida’s position this week is in the middle. Vida’s foot is stepped on in the Çaykur Rizespor match, the referee said, ‘He stepped on it unknowingly.’ He says. Punch the man unknowingly, say “I did it without knowing”, then it’s too late. I’m not satisfied with the VAR system. Take a look at the positions I’ve said. Isn’t Vida’s position a penalty this week? Kenan’s position may or may not be a penalty. At least take a look at the position. ” used his statements.

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