WorldSerbia does not want to forget that it was bombed by NATO

Serbia does not want to forget that it was bombed by NATO

REPORT – President Vucic recalled the memory of March 24, 1999 and this “horrible and criminal attack” against his “small country”.


“From March 24, we were on high alert, but in reality there was nothing we could do to protect ourselves, because the town had no shelters or anti-aircraft defenses. We were convinced that if they were going to drop a bomb, it would be on the barracks, not on the city center”, testifies Dragoslav Nenadovic, at the time head of the crisis unit of Aleksinac, a small mining town located 200 km south-east of Belgrade. The NATO operation “Allied Force”, launched to put an end to the repression of the Albanian Kosovars by the Serbian forces, had just started. It was to last 78 days, culminating in the withdrawal of the Serbian presence from what was its autonomous province , June 10, 1999. Dozens of military targets were targeted, but also bridges, railway intersections, electrical networks. The balance sheet has never been officially drawn up. According to the Serbian authorities, there were 2,500 dead; according to the Humanitarian Law Fund, 754, including 454 civilians…

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