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‘Sensitivity’ letter from the Ministry of Health regarding the shifts of specialty students

Ministry of HealthAccording to a written statement fromWatch Services for Those Who Have Specialized TrainingThe official letter titled “” was sent to 81 provincial health directorates with the signature of Health Minister Koca.

In the article, it was noted that it is essential to provide services in inpatient treatment institutions 24 hours a day without interruption, and that services outside normal working hours are carried out in shifts or shifts, taking into account the number of personnel and the quality of the service, in order to ensure continuity in health services. It is necessary to avoid practices that force people physically and spiritually during working hours. used his statements.

In the article, it was noted:

“Seizure services are subject to separate provisions according to the types of inpatient treatment institutions, bed and staff staff, location and importance, and the multiplicity of activities” in subparagraph (d) of the first paragraph of Article 41 of the “Inpatient Treatment Institutions Operating Regulation”, (e ) clause states that ‘Those who keep the night watch are not given a job the next day.’

In the article, which states that the training of the specialty students in the training and research hospitals affiliated to the Ministry, the working procedures and principles are carried out within the scope of the “Regulation on Specialization Training in Medicine and Dentistry”, it is stated in the regulation that the shift services of those receiving specialization training should be done not more often than once every three days. It is stated that the Ministry’s circular dated 21 October 2016 draws attention to this issue.

The article included:

“In this context, I would like to request your information and action regarding the working conditions of the specialty students studying in the training and research hospitals affiliated to our Ministry, and the execution of the shift services within the framework of the above-mentioned legislation, and showing the utmost sensitivity for fair adherence to the rules instead of habits in the distribution of workload.”

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