Seeing this video of 1 minute 53 seconds, 3 lakh people said...

Seeing this video of 1 minute 53 seconds, 3 lakh people said – Papa-daughter duo is a superhit!

There is no dearth of talented people on social media. Every day more than one video goes viral. We are very happy to see these videos. Recently a very cute video is going viral. In this video a daughter is singing a song with her father. Both are singing the song in such a wonderful way, everyone is mesmerized. People are saying on social media that these are the best 2 minutes of my life. If you do not believe my words, then listen to this song.

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Isn’t it very cute video! After watching the video, I understood why I was saying this. The father-daughter duo is a super hit. Their voice is so melodious that they are mesmerizing everyone. I am getting such voice after listening a lot. Anand Ranganathan shared this video on his official Twitter handle, which is being liked a lot.

At the time of writing this video, more than 3 lakh people have seen this video. Hundreds of people have commented on this video. Commenting on the pair of father daughter, a user has written – I became emotional after hearing the voice of these days. Never heard such a voice till now. At the same time, another user has written – what is the matter, I wish I could sing like this too.


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