WorldSecurity forces neutralized 137 PKK terrorists in July

Security forces neutralized 137 PKK terrorists in July

TurkeyNot afraid to target even civilians, children and babies in order to disrupt the peace and security environment of Turkey. terror organization YPG/PKK137 terrorists were neutralized in the operations carried out in Turkey and abroad in July.

The relentless pursuit of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), the General Directorate of Security, the Gendarmerie General Command and the National Intelligence Organization (MIT) against terrorist organizations trying to disrupt the peace and brotherhood of the country continues with the support of security guards.

The security forces, who followed the terrorists day and night, in city centers and rural areas, as well as abroad, dealt a heavy blow to the bloody terrorist organization in July.

According to the information compiled by the AA correspondent, 137 terrorists were neutralized in domestic and international air and ground operations in July.

In the operations carried out in many cities in July against the terrorist organization PKK and youth organization, 186 suspects were detained, 40 of them were arrested.

Security forces continue their efforts to destroy terrorist elements at home and abroad.

The number of PKK members of the terrorist organization, who surrendered to the security forces by persuasion this year, rose to 114 as of July 28.

The blood of the martyrs remained on the ground

Hero security forces neutralized 15 terrorists in the operations against the terrorists who killed 2 Mehmetçik as a result of the attack on the Kirpi vehicle, which was in transit to a base area, in the Euphrates Shield Operation region on July 24.

Cimşit Demir, code-named “Piro Karker”, a PKK/KCK member of the terrorist organization in preparation for his escape to Europe, wanted with a red notice, was captured in northern Iraq by the MIT operation on July 29 and brought to Turkey.

The terrorist Demir, who was searched by Interpol with a red notice and was determined to have crossed into northern Iraq from the Tendürek Mountain countryside after joining the organization from Ağrı in 2009, carried out activities on behalf of the organization in Hakurk, Gara and Kandil in northern Iraq, in 2014 Syria It was determined that he was part of the PYD/YPG for one year, and finally PKK/KCK in Kandil.

The terrorist named ST, who robbed Ziraat Bank’s money transfer vehicle in the Beytüşşebap district of Şırnak in 2014 and wanted for the crime of “destroying the unity of the state and the integrity of the country”, was caught by the security forces in Van, where he came for the action. The terrorist, who was determined to seek action against public institutions and officials, was arrested on 10 July by the court he was brought to.

A heavy blow was dealt to the terrorist organization by air strikes.

On 30 July, the TSK destroyed nearly 40 targets, including shelters, bunkers and ammunition depots, so-called headquarters and caves, in an air operation against targets in the Kandil, Gara, Hakurk and Zap regions in northern Iraq and used by terrorists. A heavy blow was dealt to its presence in these regions.

Two PKK “so-called sabotage experts”, Barış Soydan and Emrah Yıldızer, who were followed by the MIT after determining that they were producing handmade explosives intended to be sent from Iraq to Turkey by the terrorist organization, were neutralized on 16 July in the countryside of Duhok.

Within the scope of the Eren-15 Operation, 3 terrorists, including the so-called “Erzurum state officer” newly appointed by the PKK, were neutralized with their weapons in the UAV-SİHA supported operation in the Kartevin Mountain region of Patnos district of Ağrı on July 22.

Hakan Ateş, codenamed “Serdar Pir Avesta”, the so-called Hakurk logistics area manager of the PKK/KCK, was neutralized by the MIT on July 26. It was learned that the terrorist Ateş organized the actions and participation of the organization within the YDG-H, one of the domestic extensions of the PKK, and that the separatist organization was responsible for the logistics activities in Hakurk.

Terrorist actions prevented by security forces

The Syrian national terrorist HHC, who was found to have smuggled into Turkey from Syria, was caught while preparing for a bomb attack in Ankara. A mobile phone ready to be connected to explosive devices was seized on the terrorist, who was determined to have been trained in the PYD/YPG, the Syrian extension of the PKK/KCK. Three of the 6 suspects detained in the operation, including HHC, were arrested on 1 July.

In Mardin, a PKK/KCK member who was preparing for a bombing action was caught with 2 kilograms of plastic explosives during road construction on 30 July.

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