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‘SDPI in Erattupetta, BJP in Kottayam’ will join hands with any devil to weaken UDF; VD Satheesan

Thiruvananthapuram: Opposition leader VD Satheesan said that the CPM is colluding with communalism. He said the CPM was collaborating with any devil to destroy the Congress. Satheesan said that this is evident in the Kottayam and other municipalities.

The CPM is a supporter of majority communalism and minority communalism. Satheesan said that the CPM, which had formed an alliance with the SDPI in Erattupetta, was allying with the BJP in Kottayam.

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Meanwhile, the no-confidence motion brought by the LDF in the Kottayam municipality has already begun. LDF and BJP members are also attending the meeting. The BJP had made it clear that it would support the no-confidence motion of the LDF. This is what is being disputed.

With this, the UDF will lose power. BJP members will be given a whip. In the Kottayam municipality, the LDF and UDF have 22 members each out of 52 members. The BJP has eight members. Manorama reports quoting the Leader of the Opposition that the UDF will stay out of the no-confidence motion debate and that it is not wrong for the BJP to accept support.

Abdu Rabb has also come out in derision of the news that the BJP is supporting the Left in the LDF no-confidence motion against the UDF.

The SDPI was the CPM’s ally against the UDF in the Erattupetta municipality last week. But when I reached Kottayam, it was only the BJP. Abdu Rabb’s joke is that the communal parties are allies of the CPM to destroy the UDF.

The BJP has decided to support the no-confidence motion tabled by the LDF in the Kottayam Municipal Corporation alleging administrative stalemate. Meanwhile, members of Congress were instructed to abstain from the no-confidence motion. The whip is given directly by the DCC president. In the 22-member city council of the UDF and LDF, the position of the eight-member BJP is crucial. The no-confidence motion needs the support of 27 members of the 52-member city council.

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Currently, Bincy Sebastian, who came to the Congress camp after the UDF rebel victory, is the Kottayam Municipal Corporation president. The LDF needed at least five more members to pass the no-confidence motion against the president. However, the crisis was averted with the support of the eight-member BJP. With this, the UDF will lose control of the Kottayam municipality.

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