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Scientists see ‘giant’ comet in space, 200 km in length, what will be the danger?

Scientists spotted a comet at the outer edge of the solar system in June this year. The name of this comet is Bernardinelli-Bernstein. The size of this giant comet was 60 to 120 miles long. Some reports are claiming that it is the largest comet ever seen. If the comet’s length is up to its maximum point, then its size will extend from London to Birmingham.

The most famous in the world of comets, ‘Haley’s Comet’ was 3.5 miles in length. Gary Bernstein of the University of Pennsylvania said that we have discovered the largest comet ever, or the largest comet ever studied. Have had the good fortune of discovering the largest comet. It has been discovered before it comes close and warms so that humans can watch its development.
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Will pass near the Sun in 2031
Scientists said that this comet does not pose any threat to Earth. The New York Post has informed in its report that it will cross the Sun at a distance of 10.71 astronomical units at least in 2031. This comet is coming from part of the name Oort Cloud, which is very important to study in itself and can also reveal many mysteries of the solar system.

Did not enter the solar system for 30 lakh years
This comet has not come to the solar system for three million years. We don’t know much about the outer part of the solar system yet. Therefore, scientists are more interested in the objects coming from there. Its size is 155 km diameter but due to the distance it will be visible only with the help of telescope. Studying it is special because it is believed that these icy rocks have not changed much since the formation of the Solar System 4.5 billion years ago. On the basis of its chemical composition, we will also get to know about the early solar system.