IndiaScientists say penguins could be 'aliens'; UK research team finds 'evidence'

Scientists say penguins could be ‘aliens’; UK research team finds ‘evidence’


  • Scientists for further study
  • It is hoped that it will be useful for space research
  • Experiment on Gentoo Penguins

New York: Everyone loves penguins for their different lifestyles and beautiful looks. The study of polar penguins is intensive, as they are victims of climate change. But a team of researchers has come up with an incredible finding. They claim that penguins can be aliens.

The study was conducted by a team of researchers at Imperial College London. This conclusion is based on a chemical called phosphine, which is found in the excrement of penguins. Researchers say that this chemical is also present in Venus. Venus is about 60 million kilometers from Earth. Experts have no idea how Phosphine got here after traveling so far. The team is preparing for a detailed study on the subject.

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The study will focus on the Gentoo penguins found in the Falkland Islands. An expert in the group said that phosphine was found in their excrement but it was not clear how it was formed. Dave Clementes said. He also said that phosphine is produced by certain bacteria in the body. He said the chemical was found in the intestines of penguins and in the mud of the lake. He added that the chemical may be released when it works against certain other bacteria.

Like Earth, Venus has an atmosphere. The traces of phosphine found in the atmosphere of Venus were discovered in penguins last year.

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The new discovery comes as research is progressing to find evidence of life on planets, including Mars, and the possibility of human life. Scientists study distant planets with the help of the James Web Space Telescope, based in French Guiana. Many potential planets have already been discovered. Researchers also say that cats need to be included in any precautionary measures against the virus. There are many scientists who believe that aliens may have visited Earth many times.

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In the coming years, the US space agency will use NASA’s James Webb Telescope to study aliens. In addition to NASA, the telescope is a joint venture between the Canadian Space Agency and the European Space Agency.

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