WorldSayyid Ali Geylani, the prominent leader of Kashmir, passed away

Sayyid Ali Geylani, the prominent leader of Kashmir, passed away

Sayyid Ali Gilani‘s spokesperson said in a statement on Twitter, Former All-Party Freedom Conference Its leader, Geylani, was held under house arrest in the late hours. SrinagarHe confirmed that he died at his home in .

Jammu Kashmir‘of Pakistan and India It was stated that 91-year-old Geylani, who advocated the determination of the Kashmir region by plebiscite in accordance with the United Nations resolutions, which caused conflict between the two countries, spent most of his life under house arrest since 2010.

Gathering pro-independence parties under one roof

Geylani, one of Kashmir’s pro-independence political leaders, started his political life within the Kashmiri Jamaat Islamic Party.

Geylani, who later left the party and founded the All-Party Freedom Conference, called “Tahrik-i Hürriyet” and gathered the pro-independence parties under one roof, served as the chairman of the conference and a deputy in the disbanded Jammu Kashmir Legislative Assembly until June.

Kashmir issue

As Britain withdrew from India, which it ruled as a colony, in 1947, Kashmir, which was a principality at the time, faced the choice of uniting with newly independent India or Pakistan.

Although the people of Kashmir, whose population is 90 percent Muslim, took a stand in favor of joining Pakistan in 1947, the prince of the time decided to unite with India.

The decision was opposed by the Muslim people of Kashmir. The sides fought for the first time in 1947, when Pakistan and India sent troops to the region. For the same reason, war broke out between the two countries in 1965 and 1999.

As a result of the temporary ceasefire after the wars, 45 percent of Jammu and Kashmir remained under Indian control and 35 percent by Pakistan. A portion of 20 percent in the east of the region was given to neighboring China.

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC), with its resolutions taken since 1948, foresees the demilitarization of Kashmir and the determination of its future by popular vote.

While the Indian administration adopts a stance against the referendum, Pakistan wants the UNSC resolutions to be implemented.​

Condolence message from Pakistani Prime Minister Khan

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan issued a message of condolence on the death of Kashmiri leader Sayyid Ali Geylani.

Prime Minister Khan, in a statement on Twitter, stated that he was deeply saddened by the death of Geylani.

Stating that Geylani had been fighting for the people of Kashmir and their right to self-determination all his life, Khan stressed that the Kashmiri leader was tortured and imprisoned by Indian forces, but kept his will.

Noting that they saluted the brave struggle of Geylani, Khan announced that a day of official mourning was declared in Pakistan due to the death of the Kashmiri leader.

On the other hand, many Pakistani politicians also issued condolences on the death of Geylani.

Kashmiri leader Gaylani died this evening at his home in Jammu and Kashmir, India.

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