EntertainmentSay it without hesitation: Wowy answers rumors at 'Vietnamese Rap'

Say it without hesitation: Wowy answers rumors at ‘Vietnamese Rap’

I’m a guest of “Tell me what’s wrong”, returning to the program, Wowy had the opportunity to reunite with MC Elly Tran, whom he once shared as his “idol at the age of 16″. Be the one to lead the Cricket to become the champion”Vietnamese rap” Season 1, so when entering season 2, Wowy and the team received a lot of attention from the audience, besides the noise and controversy.

On the show, the male rapper spoke candidly about the rumors circulating.Vietnamese rap“As the case of the Wowy team being “isolated”, the story being said to be “coloring” on stage, the male rapper saying that the media lacked favor with his team…


In addition, Wowy frankly talked about rumors about preparing to bring his girlfriend “to glory” as well as his relationship with giant Minh Plastic. Invite the audience to follow”Say what you’re afraid of“!