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Saudi Arabia News: Beware! If you send a red heart emoji to Saudi, it may be fined 20 lakhs, even jail

Riyadh: Sending a red heart emoji on WhatsApp can lead to jail in Saudi Arabia. Apart from this, a fine of up to 20 lakh rupees (Saud Arabia Red Heart Emoji) can also be imposed on the sender. This will happen only when the recipient of this message complains to the police. A Saudi cyber expert told Okaz newspaper that according to Saudi law, the sender could face two to five years in prison if found guilty. Apart from this, the sender can also be fined one lakh Saudi Riyal (Red Heart Emoji in Saudi Arabia). In Indian rupees this amount is more than 2000000.

Sending a red heart emoji to Saudi is a persecution offense
In a statement to the Saudi newspaper, Al Moataz Qutabi, a member of the Anti-Fraud Association in Saudi Arabia, said that sending a red heart emoji on WhatsApp is a harassment crime. He told that if the recipient files a case with a picture or emoji during online chatting, then this harassment will come under the category of crime. Saudi Arabia has a zero tolerance policy for such crimes.

Laws for using social media are strict in Saudi
He also warned users of social media platforms against forcibly interfering in the conversation of two people, or sharing images or emoji that hurt sentiments. He also said that social media users should avoid sending red heart emoji without knowing the feelings of the person in front. According to Saudi Arabia’s Anti Harassment System, Harassment can be understood by statement, action or gesture. In this, the red heart emoji has been linked to sex crimes.

For the first time, a fine of 20 lakhs will be imposed on the crime
He clearly said that if the recipient of such a message lodged a report and the crime was proved in the court, then the sender could be in trouble. In this case, the culprit can be fined not more than 100,000 Saudi Riyals or two years in jail or both. If the same user is caught repeatedly violating it, he can be fined 300,000 Saudi riyals or imprisonment for five years or both.