IndiaSandeep's murder: MT Ramesh says he is trying to blame the murder...

Sandeep’s murder: MT Ramesh says he is trying to blame the murder on the RSS


  • It is alleged that Jishnu was expelled following the cannabis case
  • Sandeep was killed on Thursday night
  • The FIR states that the accused are BJP activists

Thiruvananthapuram: MT Ramesh said that Kodiyeri’s attempt to blame the murder of CPM leader Sandeep in Thiruvalla on the RSS was baseless. MT Ramesh claimed that three of the five accused were CPM accomplices and that the first accused Jishnu was removed from the post of Yuva Morcha president two years ago following a cannabis case. “CPM leaders are happy that the martyr has fallen,” Ramesh told a news conference.

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The name of the RSS was not mentioned in the CM’s Facebook post because the CM got the correct information. The gang was behind a gang involved in drug trafficking. Ramesh said the CPM was deliberately trying to create conflict.

Kodiyeri is challenging the stand of the Chief Minister. The CPM is putting pressure on the police. Ramesh also alleged that the DYFI leaders’ attempt to harass a party worker in Thiruvalla was an attempt to divert attention.

Ramesh alleged that he did not know whether Jishnu was a BJP member and that the police changed their stand after Kodiyeri’s press conference. Police said personal animosity led to the murder. The remand report of the accused states that the motive for the murder was politically motivated. The first accused Jishnu Raghu stabbed Sandeep with a deadly weapon. According to the remand report, the accused came with the intention of killing. The FIR states that the accused are BJP activists.

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Sandeep was stabbed to death by a group led by the first accused Jishnu Raghu on Thursday night. Sandeep was stabbed several times in the chest and died on arrival at the hospital. The incident took place at a field in Thiruvalla Maypral. The suspects, who escaped from the scene, were apprehended by the investigation team within 24 hours.

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