TechnologySamsung towards the historic record: outlook on turnover up 17.7%

Samsung towards the historic record: outlook on turnover up 17.7%

Samsung Electronics announced sales of 77 trillion won (approximately 57 billion euros) and operating income of 14.1 trillion won (approximately 11 billion euros) during the first quarter of this year. Samsung Electronics’ sales in the first quarter of this year marked the best quarter ever. After exceeding 50 billion euros in sales for the first time in the third quarter of last year (July-September), the Korean group has also repeated itself in the following quarters. Samsung’s performance in the first quarter of the year, normally considered the weak quarter for the consumer electronics sector, is mainly attributed to the increase in sales of the new Galaxy S22 and to the constant demand for memory semiconductors destined especially for the data center industry.

Despite the excellent results, however, these are not all good news for Samsung, which has to manage the lack of success of the “Game Optimizing Service”, the service developed by Samsung to optimize the performance of mobile devices while playing games. to face the perplexities of an evolving market on the competitiveness of the company in the field of memory semiconductors. Lately Samsung Electronics’ mobile application processor (AP) market share fell to less than 5% and while that of using its 4-nanometer industrial process is only about 30%. Last month, Nvidia, a large customer of Samsung Electronics’ foundry business, decided to outsource the production of its latest graphics processing unit (GPU), the H100, to TSMC, the major competitor in semiconductor manufacturing. electronics based in Taiwan.