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Salman Rushdie will return to India, next novel will be on Desi Kahani, revealed in Times Litfest

New Delhi
Renowned author Salman Rushdie’s next novel will be based on an Indian story. British-American author Rushdie plans to return to India for the next novel after several years away from the country. Rushdie, who won the Booker Prize, said this during a session of ‘Times Litfest’. He told that his next novel is expected to be based in India. For this they have to come back to India.

Rushdie said, ‘In the last ten years, I have written most of the novels based on Western countries. These novels are mostly US based. Some are based in the UK. I think it may be time to come back to India. I think the next novel will be an Indian novel.

“It’s in a very early stage,” Rushdie said. So let me go a little further, but it looks like it will be completely based on India. That means I have to come to India. It’s been a very long time.’

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The writer was last in India to promote Deepa Mehta’s 2013 film ‘Midnight’s Children’. The film was based on Rushdie’s Booker Prize-winning book of the same name.

Rushdie’s visit to India has often been embroiled in controversy as his 1988 book, The Satanic Verses, caused international religious outrage. After that he refrained from touring the country. The author, who calls himself ‘Bombay Boy’, while talking about coming back to India said that religious objections or security issues made it very difficult to return to the country.

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The 74-year-old writer said, “Sometimes it becomes very difficult for me to come to India. It may have to be postponed. Sometimes it is because of religious objections or sometimes it is because I am involved in this kind of security operation which makes it really impossible for me to be there.’ However, he promised that he would return once the world opened up a bit.

Rushdie said, ‘So it’s been difficult for me and it’s sad because it means a lot to me. I’ll be back, I’ll be back. Let the world open up a bit.

Recalling the time here writing for his ‘Midnight’s Children’ in the 1980s, Rushdie said, ‘I was not sure that Indian writing in English would essentially survive. I thought that after all there were many more languages ​​to write in and I thought perhaps Indian writing in English was an end rather than the beginning of a tradition. And he was wrong, it turned out to be very thriving.’ He said that the present generation of Indian writers are writing in every possible style and form, which is a great thing.



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