India'Saiju's drug deal, girls abused'; Police for further investigation

‘Saiju’s drug deal, girls abused’; Police for further investigation


  • Accidental death of models.
  • Police say Saiju Thankachan has links with drug dealers.
  • Police for detailed investigation.

Kochi: Saiju Thankachan, who was following the vehicle in which Anjana Shajan and Ansi Kabir were killed in a road accident, has been linked to drug dealers, police said. He also distributed drugs at DJ parties. According to Asianet News, Saiju told police that he had abused the girls who were attending the party.

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Police said they had obtained information from Saiju’s mobile phone and were checking it. Police are examining the videos and pictures on the phone in detail. The police will record the statement of the young women in the video and pictures. There are scenes of drug use on the phone. Police have found out who they are. They will be questioned in the coming days.

The police concluded that Saiju’s method was to give drugs to young women who came to DJ parties and abuse them. Police have received evidence to support this suspicion. Saiju also attended DJ parties outside the state. Police have collected details and footage of the incident. There is also the possibility of a special inquiry into this.

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The investigation team gathered information about two people who handed over drugs to Saiju. Saiju’s economic growth will be investigated. He holds a Diploma in Interior Design and owns a luxury car. The crime branch will look into whether Saiju earned money to buy vehicles through drug dealing.

Saiju Thankachan, who was arrested last Friday, has been charged with manslaughter and malicious pursuit of women. The Audi car used to chase the models was also seized by the investigation team. The arrest was made by the district crime branch after six hours of questioning. The arrest was made after appearing at the Kalamassery metro police station. It was found that Saiju was following the car in which the models were traveling from the hotel. Saiju Thankachan had absconded after the death of the models and had applied for anticipatory bail.

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When Anjana Shajan and Ansi Kabir returned from Hotel ‘No. 18’ where the DJ party was held, Saiju was following them in his car. Abdul Rahman, the driver of the car, stopped the car at Kundannur when he noticed Saiju following him. There was a dispute with Saiju here. After this, both the cars left here at excessive speed. It is clear from the CCTV footage that the Audi car driven by Saiju overtook the car driven by several models.

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