WorldSaakashvili intends to refuse extradition to Ukraine - attorney

Saakashvili intends to refuse extradition to Ukraine – attorney

Former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili continues his hunger strike in prison and is likely to refuse extradition to Ukraine. The ex-president’s lawyer Giorgi Chiviashvili told the journalists about this, Novosti-Georgia reports.

Today Saakashvili’s lawyers visited him for the first time in the penitentiary institution No. 12 in Rustavi, where the politician was placed after his arrest on October 1. The prison administration refused to admit lawyers there on non-working days.

“Most likely, he [откажется]… His position is that he intends to continue the political struggle in his homeland … He is quite cheerful, continues his hunger strike and continues the struggle in this format, “Chiviashvili said.

The lawyers also read out a letter from Mikheil Saakashvili, in which he addresses members of his United National Movement party.

The ex-president emphasizes that he is pleased with the results of the municipal elections and calls on his associates to continue the struggle. “We have excellent results in this last referendum. In local elections, this government has always very easily lost … Now, when they thought that they had completely broken the people, and in all big cities there would be a second round, in several of them the National Movement was ahead. This means only one thing – we will fight even more. The days of the power of the “dream” are numbered. I am proud of you, ”Saakashvili writes.

The third president of Georgia was arrested in Tbilisi on the evening of October 1. He is charged with malfeasance. In two cases, he has already been sentenced in absentia, which provides for a sentence of imprisonment up to six years, the rest of the cases are pending. In addition, in connection with Saakashvili’s arrival in Georgia, the prosecutor’s office opened an investigation into the illegal crossing of the state border.

Recently, a politician with Ukrainian citizenship has lived in Ukraine, where he headed the executive committee of the National Council for Reforms.

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