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Rwanda: Meet the ‘King of the Bees’ who has never had a sting, fame spreads far and wide

You must have heard about the ‘Queen Bee’ but have you heard about the King of Bees? No, this is not a male bee but the name of a beekeeper living in the African country of Rwanda. This man named Daisaba claims that thousands of bees walk on his body and never bite him. He has been taking care of such bees since childhood and recently his pictures have come in the discussion on social media.

Daisaba explains that first of all he keeps the queen bee on him and everyone else follows him. He stops the queen bee by tying it with a thread and the rest of the flies come to rescue her. They surround the queen and gradually the whole body is covered. However, he has never bitten Daisaba.

fame as well as employment
Daisaba says that people also come to learn from him, which makes him happy and does not feel strange. People also want to go ahead in this work by learning Beekeeping. Through this, Daisaba has not only become famous, but also earns money. He works to sell their honey.

Experts believe that when bees are given sweet syrup beforehand, their stomach remains full. This makes them less likely to bite. People also apply a gel like Vaseline near the eyes and lips and close the nose and ears.


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