WorldRussian snipers do math amid Russia-NATO tensions

Russian snipers do math amid Russia-NATO tensions

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, this force is trained in camouflage, target classification, fire correction, use of observation and targeting equipment.

Tensions between Russia and the West are currently escalating after Russia increased its forces near Ukraine and asked the US not to allow Ukraine to join NATO and not to expand this military alliance to the east. The US rejected this request.

Russian snipers take part in training on January 13

In addition, Washington urged Moscow to reduce the number of about 100,000 troops gathered near the border with Ukraine.


The increase of this force makes Ukraine and the West worry that Russia is planning an attack on Ukraine.

Moscow insists it has no intention of attacking Ukraine and has the right to mobilize troops on its own territory and conduct exercises with reasonable objectives.

Russian tanks conduct drills near Ukraine border