WorldRussian Robot Tank: World in panic seeing this robot tank of Russia,...

Russian Robot Tank: World in panic seeing this robot tank of Russia, patrolling for 100 km with ‘Swarm Drone’

Russia has presented its second Robotic Tank (UGV) marker Unmanned Ground Vehicle to the world amid rising tensions with the US. This tank is equipped with such advanced technology that it is patrolling a distance of 100 kilometers without any human help. Not only this, this tank is carrying an entire army of Swarm drones with it. In such a situation, this new weapon of Russia can destroy any military base in the blink of an eye. This is Russia’s second robotic tank after the Uran-9. Right now the user trial of this tank is going on, but soon it can be inducted into the Russian army.

Russia’s marker UGV is equipped with these weapons
The Marker Unmanned Ground Vehicle has been developed by the Russian arms manufacturer Foundation for Advanced Studies (FPI). This tank is fitted with a 7.62 mm machine gun, which can fire hundreds of rounds every minute. Apart from this, guided anti-tank missiles have also been deployed in this robotic tank. Swarm drones fitted in it can be used to collect intelligence and destroy targets by flying in minutes.

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Patrolling for 100 kms
This robotic tank has been tested on the hills of the Chelyabinsk region of Russia. In which this tank has covered a distance of 100 kilometers completely autonomously. During this time, no human has given commands to the robot from outside. Marker Unmanned Ground Vehicle took 5 hours to complete this track on road and off road.

This tank chooses its own path
It is being told that the operator of this robotic tank only needs to select the start and end points. The robot then finds its way around using tank cameras and other sensors. The great thing is that this tank chooses the closest path and defends itself against the obstacles on the way.

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This Robotic Tank Flying Swarm Drone
The Morker Unmanned Ground Vehicle was also equipped with a Swarm drone in separate tests. In a 2019 video, Marker was shown working with a group of fifteen drones. During this, the tank also showed its strength by flying the drone in three swarms of 5-5. Indeed, for a long time Russia was looking for a weapon that could penetrate deep into enemy territory and launch Swarm drones. In such a situation, now this need of Russia seems to be fulfilled.

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What is Swarm Drone Technology

When multiple drones together carry out a mission, this system is called drone swarming or swarm drone technology. In these there is a mother drone, from which many small drones come out which are capable of attacking different targets. Due to the high number, the enemy’s anti-aircraft guns or missiles also prove ineffective against them. This new technology has the potential to change the entire battle scene in the future. This technology will prove to be very important in the war with no contact warfare i.e. without any human contact.

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These drones can cause huge destruction

Swarm drones are capable of causing massive destruction in enemy territory. Low cost, light weight and equipped with high tech artificial intelligence technology, these drones are capable of destroying any target. Swarm drones are also capable of deceiving air defense systems and radars operating in enemy territory. Due to the small size, even radars prove to be mostly unsuccessful in catching these drones.

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How dangerous is Russia’s Uran-9?
According to Russian media, the Uran-9 can track the target with the help of its own cameras and artificial intelligence, but the order to fire at it is given by the gunner sitting at a distance of three kilometers from the tank. This tank is completely remote controlled. It carries weapons like a 30 mm automatic gun, Ataka anti-tank missile and Schmel flamethrower.

Russia is also making T-14 Armata tank remote control
Russia only tested a remote control variant of its T-14 Armata tank a few months back. In which it was claimed that this tank had fired shells on its target through remote without crew members. Due to the remote control, the crew of this tank will be safe out of range of hundreds of liters of fuel and tank shells. Due to such tanks, the soldiers of the Russian army will be able to attack the enemy from a safe distance.