WorldRussian Red Army Choir and Haluk Levent gave a concert in Izmir

Russian Red Army Choir and Haluk Levent gave a concert in Izmir

The concert at the Bornova Aşık Veysel Open Air Theater continued with Russian marches after the Red Army soldiers placed the Turkish and Russian flags on the stage.

Performing at the concert, Haluk Levent sang the anthems of the Republic, including the Harbiye, Çanakkale Folk Song and İzmir anthems.

In the concert, the Russian dance ensemble show and marches attracted great attention.

Speaking at the event, artist Haluk Levent stated that he had been listening to the Russian Red Army Choir since his childhood, and that he realized his dream by sharing the same stage with them.

Reminding that he sang Kalinka, sung by the choir, while playing the guitar in bars, Levent said that a friend had met with the Russian Red Army Choir and was very happy upon the offer of a joint concert.

Saying that he thought it would be selfish to sing his own songs at the concert, Levent said:

“I said I don’t want to sing Haluk Levent songs. I’m already singing my own songs, it would be nice if we did something else if we did it in the symphony. But I said, there are Republic gains. I wondered if our country really needed a Republic anthem, maybe they forgot always from the radios?” Will it play, or times of coups? Will the times of coups that we never wanted and against which we are against will sound? However, the marches are the achievements of our people, let’s just say, without didactics from anywhere. Then the project was accepted and I was very happy.”

The tour, in which Haluk Levent sang the anthems of the Republic with the Russian Red Army Choir, started in Istanbul on September 27 and included Ankara, Mersin, Adana, Konya, Manavgat, Antalya, Fethiye and Izmir, respectively, and ended in Bursa on October 11. it will end.

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