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Russian nuclear bombers Tu-22M3, patrolling in Belarus, not planning an attack on Ukraine?


  • Russia sent its nuclear bombers to patrol Belarus
  • In the event of war, these bombers can attack in the northern region of Ukraine
  • Belarus is very close to Russia, is involved in migrants from Poland-Lithuania

Russia has sent nuclear bombers to patrol its friendly country Belarus amid rising tensions with Ukraine. The Tu-22M3 is a strategic bomber capable of long-range nuclear attack. The deployment of nuclear bombers along Ukraine’s northern border could further escalate tensions between Russia and US-led NATO. NATO has alleged that the real purpose of this deployment is to prepare for an attack on Ukraine via Belarus.

Belarus also disputes with Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania
To the south of Belarus is Ukraine and to the west is Poland. The relations between Russia and Belarus with these two countries are very bad. Tensions have recently escalated between Belarus and Poland-Lithuania over the migrant crisis. European countries blamed Belarus for this crisis. At that time the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko had demanded even an atomic bomb from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Russian Defense Ministry also issued a statement
The Russian Defense Ministry said that two Tu-22M3 strategic strike bombers have conducted a joint exercise with the Belarusian Air Force and Air Defense. During this, Sukhoi-30 fighter jets delivered from Russia to Belarus provided air security. He told that during this time Russian nuclear bombers kept patrolling the Belarus airspace for four hours. This was the third patrol by Russian bombers in Belarus in the past month.

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How dangerous is the Tu-22M3 bomber
The Tu-22M3 was developed from the Tu-22M of the Soviet Union. Which is capable of attacking up to a distance of 5100 km at supersonic speed. This deadly bomber capable of carrying out nuclear strikes has a maximum speed of 2300 kilometers per hour. This bomber, 40 meters long and 34 meters wide, flies with the help of a turbojet engine. Recently, two prototypes of Tu-22M3 have been made, which are currently undergoing flight trials.

This bomber can dodge the radar
America is also afraid of this deadly bomber. Because, this bomber is capable of flying low enough to escape from the radar. The US-led military organization NATO has named it Backfire-C. It also has an aerial refueling nose for air refueling. Which further increases its range. Russia has also tested this ship in the battlefield of Syria. Where it destroyed many terrorist bases with its fierce bombing.

Tu-22M3 Kh32 Missile 03

Russian Tu-22M3 nuclear bomber