WorldRussian Invasion : Russia gives open warning in Ukraine war! Said...

Russian Invasion : Russia gives open warning in Ukraine war! Said – if felt threatened, will use nuclear weapons

Moscow : It is now 28 days since the Russia and Ukraine war. Putin’s army has completely changed the map of a small country in eastern Ukraine. Despite this, Kyiv is still independent. But it seems that this war may become more destructive in the coming times. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told CNN that Russia would only use nuclear weapons if Ukraine faced an “existential threat” in the war.

A Kremlin spokesman said that we have a principle regarding domestic security and it is public. You can read all the reasons for using nuclear weapons. So if existential threat to our country arises, it can be used according to our principles. Peskov made this statement after host Christian Amenpour asked him during the interview if he was confident that Putin would not use nuclear weapons in the Ukraine war.
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America said – Russia’s rhetoric is dangerous
Russia attacked Ukraine on 24 February last month. A few days later, on February 28, Putin announced that he had put the country’s nuclear forces on high alert. Putin’s announcement raised the concern of the whole world. Asked about Peskov’s statement and Russia’s nuclear stand, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said Moscow’s rhetoric on the potential use of nuclear weapons was “dangerous”.

Russia has the most nuclear weapons
He said that this is a responsibility not the way nuclear power works. The world is also worried because Russia has the most nuclear weapons in the world. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had said that if the Third World War happened, it would be fought with nuclear weapons. Recently, the Ukrainian President said that he is ready to talk to Putin but if it is not resolved then there will be a third world war.