IndiaRussia vs Ukraine War: Biden's taunt about Ukraine, yet America's 'crazy' of...

Russia vs Ukraine War: Biden’s taunt about Ukraine, yet America’s ‘crazy’ of India, understand the chemistry of this relationship

new Delhi : When Russia attacked Ukraine (Russia War Update), NATO countries including America stood openly in protest. When countries like China and Pakistan looked closer to Russia, India kept itself away from factionalism by following a decades-old policy. India’s decision to abstain from voting in the United Nations was deemed in favor of Russia. Recently, US President Joe Biden has taken a jibe at India’s attitude towards the Ukraine crisis. Referring to the members of the Quad group, he said that India’s position in showing support against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is somewhat confused. However, within 24 hours, America tried damage control and it was told by the State Department that India is its important partner, meaning America has tried to show warmth by taunting the relations with India back. Actually, America does not want that its relations with India should be weakened due to Russia’s affair. In Asia, if he wants a bigger role for India against China, then bilateral interests are also involved. Anyway, the relations between the two countries have grown stronger in the new century.

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what about biden
A day earlier, the US president said that most friends and allies have shown solidarity in dealing with Vladimir Putin’s aggressive stance. Biden said, “Knowing Putin so well, one thing I am sure of is that he was confident of a split in NATO. They did not think that NATO would be completely united. Biden said that because of the Russian president, NATO is stronger and more united today than it has ever been before. During this, he raised his finger on India referring to the Quad members.

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‘India apart QUAD united’
Biden said that in response to Russia’s aggression, we have shown solidarity in NATO and the Pacific. Apart from India, the quad is united. India’s position is somewhat uncertain in terms of handling Putin’s attack but Japan and Australia are strong. Biden said that together in NATO and the Pacific, we have done a lot to harm Russia’s economy and impose sanctions. Biden wants India to forget relations with Russia and stand in opposition to Ukraine on the issue.

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Then why was America silent on China’s audacity?
When Biden taunted India’s attitude to Russia’s attack, Indian analysts also reminded him of China’s audacity. He also said that America and many of its European allies, who spoke against Russia from morning till evening, are still continuing to buy energy from Russia. Its value is about $ 600 million per day. Some experts also say that when China acted in eastern Ladakh, the US did not show such seriousness nor expressed concern.

Strategic affairs expert Brahm Chelani said that when China took aggressive action on the border, the threat of full-scale war had arisen. Yet Biden did not open his mouth. The same insensitive Biden is now telling India’s attitude in a confused state.

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Now America has done damage control
Biden’s statement sent a message to the world that America is angry with India’s stand of not going against Russia. However, soon damage control was also attempted from the US side. A top Biden administration official said India is an important US partner in the Quad. Actually, four countries have formed Quad to counter China in the Indo-Pacific region. India’s role in this is important. US State Department spokesman Ned Price said the two countries share a common vision for a free and open Indo-Pacific region. He clearly said that India’s stand on Russia due to its historic defense ties does not come in the way of its relations with the US as the ties between the two are very strong. He said that this is a bilateral relationship, which has deepened in many ways over the last 25 years. This has been possible only on a bilateral basis.

yesterday vs today
When asked how the Quad partners see India’s stand on Russia? “It’s a question of history versus where we are today… India has certainly had a historic defense and security relationship with Russia over time,” Price said. That relationship happened at a time when the US or its partners were not ready for such a relationship with India. It was a completely different era, a different way of thinking. But that era has passed and today India has become our strong defense partner.

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“It’s part of the legacy of the George W. Bush administration, where we’ve seen this bilateral relationship between the United States and India grow, and that relationship has deepened in many areas, including our defense and security relationship,” Price said. “The fact is that we are India’s partners. We are India’s partners when it comes to the values ​​shared in a free and open Indo-Pacific region. We have invested in this in terms of our defense and security. Hence, along with historical ties, we are now India’s preferred partner….
Price said that India is an essential partner of the United States in realizing the shared vision of a free and open Indo-Pacific in the context of the QUAD and bilateral relations. The Russian army attacked Ukraine on 24 February which continues till now. Many western countries including America are helping Ukraine in different ways.

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