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Russia-Ukraine War: Why did condom sales suddenly increase in Russia amid the Ukraine war? Historic jump of 170 percent

Moscow : The Russo-Ukraine War is affecting the whole world. From politics to economic field, war has created a stir in every field. Most of the companies from Russia have closed their business. In the midst of the turmoil, condom sales have suddenly increased in Russia. According to a British newspaper, condom sales in the country have increased by 170 percent. After sanctions from the US and Western countries, the Russian public is scared about the lack of condoms in the market.

In fact, the people of Russia are afraid that the sanctions may also have an effect on condom prices and the supply of condoms in the market may also decrease. Google, Apple, Facebook, YouTube and many other companies have stopped their service in Russia. But British condom maker Reckitt continues its business in Russia. Condom sales in Russia jumped by 170 percent in the first two weeks of March this year compared to last year.
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Condom sales increased by 32 percent from chemists
Russian online retailer Wildberries has given this information. Russian pharmacy chain 36.6 PJSC said condom sales jumped 26 percent. At the same time, the sale of condoms from the chemist has increased by 32 percent compared to last year. According to Russian supermarkets, condom sales have jumped 30 percent.

People are buying condoms for the future
Yesenia Shamonina, co-partner of an adult store in Moscow, told that people are collecting condoms for the future. He told that the prices of condoms have also increased in the country. The Russian ruble has weakened in relation to the western currency, due to which the prices of things have increased. The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for the last 28 days, in which Ukraine has seen heavy destruction. But the US and other countries are trying to pressure Russia with economic sanctions.