WorldRussia Ukraine War: Ukrainian President Zelensky ready to deal on Eastern Ukraine,...

Russia Ukraine War: Ukrainian President Zelensky ready to deal on Eastern Ukraine, said – the war will stop only after talking to Putin

Lviv: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Ukraine was ready to declare neutrality and negotiate a settlement on the country’s rebellious eastern areas. He made this announcement ahead of the next round of talks between the two countries to stop the war on Tuesday. However, Zelensky reiterated that only one-on-one talks with the Russian leader could end the war. Meanwhile, Russian negotiators have reached Istanbul. Russian representatives arrived in Istanbul on Monday to hold the next round of talks with Ukraine.

Russian interlocutors arrive in Turkey
Turkey’s private communication agency DHA said a Russian government plane landed at Istanbul airport on Monday. The two sides are scheduled to hold talks on Tuesday and Wednesday. Earlier video conferences and face-to-face talks had failed to make progress on the issue of stopping the war. So far thousands of people have died in this war and about 4 million Ukrainian citizens have been displaced.

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Zelensky said – we are ready to talk to Russia
In an interview to an independent Russian media outlet, Zelensky hinted at a possible concession, saying that Ukraine’s priority was to ensure its sovereignty and prevent Moscow from alienating part of the country that some Western countries have been concerned about. To say that this is the goal of Russia. But, we stand ready to uphold our country’s non-nuclear status, security guarantees and neutrality, he said.

Ukraine seeking security guarantee from Russia
Russia has long demanded that Ukraine give up hope of the West joining the NATO alliance because Moscow sees it as a threat to itself. Zelensky also stressed that in any agreement it must guarantee security. He said that we are ready to talk about the security guarantee and neutrality, non-nuclear status of our country.

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Zelensky’s statement will give strength to talks in Turkey
Zelensky had suggested these measures in the past but did not speak so convincingly. It is believed that Zelensky’s latest remarks may trigger talks in Istanbul They have to come out to reach… and meet me.

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Russia placed condition before Zelensky-Putin meeting
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Monday that the presidents of the two countries could meet but only after the key points of a possible agreement are negotiated. He said that meeting is necessary but first let us be clear about the resolution of all important issues once. Lavrov alleged in an interview to Servian media that Ukraine only wanted to hold a follow-up meeting while Russia needed a concrete outcome.

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Ukraine is ready to make a deal on the Donbass
Zelensky said in a nightly video message to the people of his country that Ukraine wanted peace without delaying talks. He said that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the UK should be without any doubt. Zelensky suggested that there could be a settlement on the Donbass, which is part of eastern Ukraine and where the majority of the population is Russian. Russia-backed separatists have been fighting in the region for the past eight years.

Zelensky proposed a referendum
Russia recently said that its forces were now focusing on the Donbass region. Zelensky said the peace deal would have to be put up for a referendum before Ukrainian voters, but that would first require the withdrawal of Russian troops. He said a plebiscite was not possible in the presence of soldiers. No one will consider the referendum valid if foreign forces are present in the country.

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Zelensky demanding withdrawal of Russian troops
Zelensky said a possible settlement could come from Russia moving its troops to a pre-invasion location on February 24. He said that I can feel that it is impossible for Russian soldiers to leave the area completely. This could lead to the third world war. I can completely understand. I am fully aware of this.

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That’s why I’m saying, yes, this is the agreement, go back to where it started and then try to resolve the Donbass issue, the Donbass is a complex issue,’ the Ukrainian President said. He said it was not clear how agreement on the Donbass would protect Ukraine’s territorial integrity, with Russia and Ukraine differing on other issues as well.

Irpin free from Russians: mayor
The mayor of Irpin, a suburb northwest of the capital Kyiv, said heavy fighting was going on in some areas of the capital. He claimed that the city had been “liberated” from Russian troops. Irpin grabbed attention when a picture surfaced. In this picture, the mother and her two children were killed in the shelling while fleeing.

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Americans worry
According to the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, the Russian military action worries most Americans that the US may also join the conflict and be targeted with nuclear weapons in the meantime.

Russia’s demand from G7 rejected
Germany’s energy minister said on Monday that members of the G-7, an organization of the world’s most important economies, have rejected calls to pay the price of natural gas in rubles.

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America is deploying aircraft
The US Defense Department, the Pentagon, said it was deploying six naval aircraft that specialize in electronic warfare along NATO’s eastern border. He told that these aircraft used in Ukraine will camp in Germany.

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stop army news
Ukraine has banned the reporting of the movement of troops and their equipment. Violating this can lead to a prisoner of eight years for the reporter. Ukrainian law does not differentiate between Ukrainian and foreign journalists in this matter.

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Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky