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Russia-UKraine War: Indication of the end of the war! Russia wants to reduce its presence in northern Ukraine

Own report: Russia seeks to reduce attacks on northern Ukraine and Kiev This is the news in the international media according to the negotiators between the two countries. Russia could implement the decision after Russia-Ukraine talks in Turkey tomorrow. That is the demand of the negotiators. The question is, is Russia trying to stop the war?

Alexander Fomin, Russia’s deputy defense minister, told the media that “Russia will reduce its military presence in the region near Kiev and in Chernigiv, provided Ukraine does not seek nuclear power and maintains neutrality without joining NATO.” Vladimir Medinesky, a mediator between the two countries, said Ukraine’s conditions would also be kept with President Putin.

What conditions can Russia have? According to international media reports, Russia wants to give up its dream of joining NATO. At the same time, Zelensky must move away from trying to become a nuclear power.

Ukraine, meanwhile, says Russia is trying to empower opposition groups in areas where Russian troops have entered. But Russia understands that Ukraine cannot be broken.

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