WorldRussia-Ukraine War: Britain's missile aid to Ukraine in the midst of Russia's...

Russia-Ukraine War: Britain’s missile aid to Ukraine in the midst of Russia’s aggression

Own report: Britain will send thousands more missiles to the Ukrainian government. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called on Western allies to increase military aid to Ukraine.

Johnson will travel to Brussels on Thursday for talks with leaders of NATO and the Group of Seven (G7). He is expected to give more details of the new British aid during the visit. The aid includes 8,000 more anti-tank and high-explosive missiles.

“Britain will work with our allies to increase Ukraine’s military and economic assistance, strengthen their defenses so that they can turn the tide of this conflict,” Johnson said.

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Britain has already sent more than 4,000 anti-tank weapons to Ukraine.

The British government has said it is providing around মিল 4 million in emergency funding to the BBC World Service to combat misinformation in Russia and Ukraine.

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