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Russia Ukraine War: Biden wants to get Russia out of G-20, big warning on chemical weapons

Brussels: US President Joe Biden has said that he wants Russia to be thrown out of the G20. Biden said these things on Thursday in Brussels after NATO meetings regarding Russia’s attack on Ukraine. The G20 is an intergovernmental forum of 19 countries and the European Union that works on major global issues. Biden warned that if Russia used chemical weapons in the ongoing war with Ukraine, it would be given a strong response.

Biden said he had raised the issue with other global leaders. He would like Russia to be taken out of the group. If Indonesia and others disagree, it will ask that Ukrainian leaders be allowed to engage in talks. Earlier, Biden and Western allies pledged to impose new sanctions on Russia and provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

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What did Biden say about China?
US President Joe Biden has said that we will respond if Russia uses chemical weapons in Ukraine. Joe Biden told the media in Brussels that he thinks China understands that its economic future is more closely tied to that of the West than to Russia. He hopes that Chinese President Xi Jinping will not support Russia.

Russia’s ally Belarus warns of third world war
On the other hand, a prominent Belarusian leader has warned that Poland’s proposal to deploy Western peacekeeping forces in Ukraine could spark a third world war. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko pointed to Poland’s offer of a peace mission last week, saying it would mean a third world war. Belarus is an ally of Russia and has given Russia its territory to invade Ukraine. allowed to be used.


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