WorldRussia-Ukraine War: 400 bombed Ukrainian school, sheltered 400 inside

Russia-Ukraine War: 400 bombed Ukrainian school, sheltered 400 inside

Own report: Mariupol, a port city in Ukraine devastated by a series of bombings. Mariopole’s industry, which once gave impetus to the country’s economy, is now scarred by the scars of war.

The Russian army bombed an art school in Mariupol on Sunday. The bigger news is that 400 people took shelter in that school. It is not yet clear how many people are trapped under the rubble. According to the Mariupol City Council, many people were trapped in the rubble.

Sunday was the 25th day of the Russian invasion. Putin’s forces did not leave the school on that day. After one attack after another, Mariupol is now being called the Dead Zone. “People will remember Russia’s terror for centuries to come,” said Zelensky, Ukraine’s president.

It is worth mentioning that 4 million people have so far fled Ukraine due to the Russian attack. And at least 4 lakh are stuck in Mariupol. Most of the important houses were destroyed in the Russian attack. No electricity, no water supply. Russia launched a cruise missile attack on Ukraine yesterday. Russia’s cruise missile hit Ivano-Frankivis in Ukraine on Saturday. Russia’s Defense Ministry claims that an underground arsenal was destroyed in that part of Ukraine. A Ukrainian military radio station was also attacked in Odessa.

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