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Russia Ukraine News: Russia’s condition to spare Ukraine? Said- If NATO does not bow, then Kiev should take these steps

Moscow: Russia has put a strict condition on not attacking Ukraine (When Did Russia Invade Ukraine). Russia has said that Kiev should declare itself as a non-alignment country if NATO does not remove Ukraine from its membership. Russia’s top diplomat, Konstantin Gavrilov, who talks with NATO, said that his country would insist on NATO announcing Ukraine’s inclusion in its bloc. He also said that Ukraine will also have to return in honor of the pledge made in 1990. This means that if NATO does not want to leave Ukraine for their own interests, they will have to declare themselves non-aligned. In fact, Ukraine had made an agreement with Russia in 1990 promising that it would not become a member of any military group. At the same time, after the fall of the Russian-backed government in 2014, Ukraine has asked to join NATO by amending its constitution. After which Russia has warned NATO and Ukraine that if this military organization deploys weapons near the Russian border, it can have serious consequences.

Demand for Ukraine to declare itself as non-aligned
Konstantin Gavrilov said that Ukraine should declare itself neutral and not joining any faction. It was included in the provisions of the Declaration of State Sovereignty of Ukraine on 16 July 1990. In February 2019, Ukraine announced its policy of joining the European Union and NATO by amending the Ukrainian constitution by a majority decision in parliament. Russia alleges that Ukraine has violated its pledge to remain neutral and refuse to join any military alliance by doing so. Russia also claims that Ukrainian politicians under the influence of the US and Western countries took this decision in violation of the condition of remaining non-aligned.

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Russia is putting pressure on Ukraine and NATO
Russia has long demanded that NATO halt its expansion into Eastern Europe. Russia also insists that NATO respect those made during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Russia began increasing the deployment of troops along the border after speculation about Ukraine’s full involvement in NATO. Its first phase was seen in March-April 2021. After this, Russia once again deployed a large number of its troops to the Ukrainian border in November 2021. As tensions on the Ukrainian border escalated, Russia said it was sending its proposals to NATO and the US to restore stability and ensure security in the region.

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US, NATO reject Russia’s demand
The main demand of Russia in these proposals was not to join Ukraine in NATO. However, the US and NATO rejected Russia’s proposal outright. After which Russia showed a strong stance that it would see the deployment of NATO troops in neighboring Ukraine as a direct security threat and would act accordingly. Since then Russia has surrounded Ukraine from three sides. There are still about 1 lakh soldiers stationed along the Ukrainian border with tanks, cannons and missiles.

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India is the birthplace of Non-Aligned Movement
India is the birthplace of the Non-Aligned Movement. After the end of World War II, the world was divided into two poles. One of which was led by the US while the other faction was led by Russia. America was a supporter of capitalist policies, while Russia was a supporter of socialist policies. At that time many new countries became independent in the world. The problem before them was to choose between these two ideologies and build relations with other countries. But there were also many countries which declared to remain non-aligned by not joining any group. The Non-Aligned Movement was founded by many countries including India. This movement was dreamed of by the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, former Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasser, Indonesian President Sukarno, Ghana’s Kwame Nkrumah and former Yugoslavian President Marshal Tito. This organization was formally established in 1961. Then it was the platform of the largest countries after the United Nations.

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