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Russia Ukraine News: Putin is angry, Russian army may intensify attack on Ukraine… America in tension due to CIA chief’s warning

Washington: William Burns, the head of the US intelligence agency CIA in Ukraine, claims that President Vladimir Putin (News About Vladimir Putin Ukraine) is furious over the failure of the Russian military in Ukraine. He said that Putin was hoping for success in just two days after the Russian attack on Ukraine. But, the Russian army has not been able to capture the capital Kyiv even after 19 days. This is the reason why Putin is angry and angry with the failure of his army (Russian Army in Ukraine). It also claimed that in such a situation, Putin could cause more violence and destruction in Ukraine. Officials have publicly said in recent days that they are concerned that the Russian president will escalate the conflict in Ukraine. Russia still holds enormous military capabilities and could bomb Ukraine for weeks.

Intelligence officials expressed concern in front of US Congress
Intelligence officials openly expressed concerns before Congress last week about what Putin might do, and these concerns are increasingly shaping discussions about what US policymakers are willing to do for Ukraine. William Burns, the director of US intelligence agency CIA, told lawmakers he believed Putin had been ambitious for many years and had complaints about Ukraine.

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Russia wanted to capture Kyiv in two days
Burns said Putin expected to capture Kyiv in two days. Instead, his army has failed to take control of major cities and has already lost several thousand soldiers. Burns is a former US ambassador to Moscow who has met Putin several times. He told lawmakers in response to a question about the Russian president’s mental state that he doesn’t think Putin is a fool. “I think Putin is angry and disappointed right now,” he said.

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Russian army may intensify attack on Ukraine
He said Putin could now carry out more attacks on Ukraine, regardless of civilian casualties. US President Joe Biden’s director of national intelligence, Avril Haines, said Putin “sees this as a war he cannot afford to lose.”

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