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Russia Ukraine Crisis: Vladimir Putin to meet the dictator of Belarus on February 18 in Moscow | Russia Ukraine Crisis Putin to meet Belarus President Lukashenko | Patrika News

Russia and Ukraine dispute: Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, considered Europe’s last ‘dictator’, will meet President Vladimir Putin in Moscow, Russia’s capital. The meeting between the two leaders is scheduled to take place on February 18.

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Updated: February 16, 2022 10:08:17 pm

Ukraine Crisis: The situation in the world regarding Russia and Ukraine remains serious. Although Russia says that it is now reducing its military force along the Ukrainian border, but it is clear that the threat of war is looming on Ukraine. Meanwhile, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, considered Europe’s last ‘dictator’, will meet President Vladimir Putin in Russia’s capital Moscow. This meeting between the two leaders will be held on February 18. It is worth noting here that this meeting between Putin and Lukashenko is taking place when Russia has deployed its troops in Belarus. In this way he has surrounded Ukraine from the north.

Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin:

Possible discussion about Ukraine:

According to some media reports, it is being speculated that in this meeting, there can be a discussion about Ukraine between the two leaders. The two presidents are going to discuss many issues. These include trade and economic cooperation, current challenges to security in the region, joint action to ensure the national interests of the two countries, and discussions on international affairs.

Belarus is one of the most important countries for Russia. This is the reason that he has deployed close to 30 thousand soldiers in Belarus to besiege Ukraine. Apart from this, both the countries are also conducting military exercises.

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Russia said soldiers being removed from the borders:

At the same time, Russia said on Wednesday that it was bringing more troops and weapons back to military bases. From this it appears that Russia does not intend to attack Ukraine. Russia has accumulated about 150,000 troops in the east, north and south of Ukraine.

This has led Western countries to express concern about his alleged plan to attack. However, there is no indication of these soldiers returning in large numbers. But some signs from Moscow this week have raised hopes that a war in Europe may be averted. Russia has also said that it does not want war.

Russian soldiers will return from Belarus by Sunday, still firing practice continues

On Wednesday 16 February, Russia’s Defense Ministry released a video that appears to show a freight train loaded with armored vehicles crossing a bridge off the Black Sea peninsula in Crimea. Russia annexed this peninsula to its territory in 2014.

On Wednesday, Russian fighter jets made training flights over the skies of Belarus, which is in the north of Ukraine’s neighborhood. At the same time, para-soldiers practiced firing at the firing range. Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei has again confirmed that Russian troops will leave the country after completing the exercise by Sunday.

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