IndiaRussia smashes Europe's largest steel plant; Ukraine says 14,700 Russian soldiers...

Russia smashes Europe’s largest steel plant; Ukraine says 14,700 Russian soldiers killed

Kiev: Russia’s missile strike destroys Ukraine’s largest steel plant. Ukraine says Azov Steel Ion and Steel Works in the port city of Mariupol has been destroyed.

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Smoke billowed from the iron and steel plant following reports of a missile attack. It is not clear how much damage was caused by the attack. Ukrainian lawmaker Lesia Vasilenko tweeted that the Russian attack had taken place. “Russia has carried out heavy attacks, inflicted heavy economic losses and devastated Ukraine.”

Vasilynko posted footage of the blast at the industrial center on Twitter. Ukraine, meanwhile, says 14,700 Russian soldiers have been killed so far in the war. Ukraine claims to have killed 14,700 Russian soldiers and destroyed enemy military vehicles. Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry tweeted that Russia had destroyed 1,487 armored vehicles, 96 aircraft, 230 artillery pieces and 947 vehicles.

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Russia continues to intensify its offensive in Ukraine as talks continue. Russia bombes school building in Mariupol Ukraine said the school building was completely destroyed. Many people are trapped inside the collapsed building. The Russian army destroyed 80 percent of the city’s buildings in an attempt to capture Mariupol. Russia is attacking the city with tanks.

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Thousands of people have been killed in Ukraine since the Russian offensive began on February 24. Millions fled. The refugees are arriving in large numbers in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Moldova, Romania and Belarus. Most people came to Poland.