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Russia Hit Squad: Was the assassination of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov on the orders of Vladimir Putin? Big claim in intelligence report

Moscow: Amid the Ukraine crisis, a big claim has been made about the assassination of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov. The BBC quoted investigative websites Bellingcat and The Insider as saying that Boris Nemtsov was chased by Russian intelligence agents for a year before he was assassinated. Nemtsov was a staunch opponent of President Vladimir Putin. He was assassinated in 2015 after Putin came to power. It is considered the most high-profile political assassination of Putin’s tenure. However, Russia has always denied the involvement of a government agency behind the murder.

was followed on 13 trips
Bellingcat, The Insider and the BBC claim they have evidence that Boris Nemtsov was followed on 13 trips before he was murdered. Boris Nemtsov emerged as the leader of the Soviet Union in the 1990s. He served as the Deputy Prime Minister under the then President Boris Yeltsin. He was then seen as the political successor to Boris Yeltsin. However, only then did Vladimir Putin’s political stature grow to such an extent that Boris Nemtsov was pushed to the margins of Russian politics.

Boris Nemtsov was a strong critic of Putin
Since then, Boris Nemtsov has emerged as a bitter critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He criticized Putin for Russia’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea in 2014. He had openly condemned the exposing of corruption and Russia’s attack on eastern Ukraine. After which Nemtsov was shot dead on February 27, 2015, just a few yards from the Kremlin. The great thing was that he was about to lead a protest against the war just days after the assassination.

Five people of Chechen origin were arrested
Russia hastily arrested five people of Chechen origin in connection with the murder of Nemtsov. He was later sent to jail for murder. But the official investigation did not find answers to the most pressing questions, who ordered Nemtsov’s murder and why. Seven years after his assassination, the BBC, along with investigative websites Bellingcat and The Insider, claimed they had evidence that an agent of the Hit Squad linked to the Russian intelligence behind Nemtsov’s murder had pursued him for years.

Train and flight reservation data revealed
Using leaked train and flight reservation data, it is reported that the intelligence agent followed Nemtsov on at least 13 trips. The agent had followed Nemtsov for the last time on February 17, 2015, just ten days before the murder. According to these documents, the name of the agent is Valery Sukharev. All evidence suggests that this agent worked in the FSB, Russia’s main security agency at the time.