WorldRussia closes the Anti-Corruption Foundation, founded by the opposition Navalny

Russia closes the Anti-Corruption Foundation, founded by the opposition Navalny

According to the information in the legal entity registration system of the Russian Federal Tax Service, the non-profit Anti-Corruption Foundation was liquidated on August 31 by a court decision.

The Anti-Corruption Foundation, founded by Russian dissident Navalny in 2011, was given the status of “foreign agent” by the Russian Ministry of Justice in 2019, on the grounds that it was financed from abroad.

Navalny announced that he had closed the foundation in 2020 and reopened it with a new legal structure, and the Russian authorities again took the institution to the status of “foreign agent”.

The Russian court declared organizations affiliated with Navalny to be extremist on 9 June and banned their activities.

Navalny’s arrest

Kremlin dissident Navalny was arrested at the airport on his return to Moscow on January 17, after receiving treatment in Berlin for alleged poisoning.

At the request of the Russian Federal Penitentiary Service, the lawsuit brought against Navalny in the Moscow City Court was concluded on February 2, and the court converted Navalny’s 3.5-year suspended sentence, which was given in the past as a result of the corruption case, to normal imprisonment on the grounds that he did not fulfill the conditions of judicial control.

The court had decided that Navalny should serve the remainder of his sentence in prison, taking into account the 10 months he had previously spent under house arrest.

The Russian Investigation Committee announced on 11 August that a new investigation was launched against Navalny on the grounds that the Anti-Corruption Foundation he founded violated human rights.

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