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Russia broke ‘relationship’ with NATO alliance, said – there is no use in showing off

Russia’s foreign minister said on Monday that his country was suspending its mission to NATO. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the move was in response to the expulsion by NATO last week of eight members of Russia’s mission in the military alliance. NATO said they were acting undercover as intelligence officers and halved the Moscow team at its headquarters.

Lavrov announced that NATO’s military liaison and information offices in Moscow would be closed. In a news conference, he said that if NATO members want to discuss any important matter, they can contact our ambassador in Belgium on these questions. NATO said on 6 October that it had expelled eight members of Russia’s mission from the coalition. NATO called him an “undeclared Russian intelligence officer”.

no use showing off
Moscow said at the time that the expulsion had undermined hopes that relations with the US-led coalition could normalize. Ending the Russian mission on Monday, Lavrov said NATO was not interested in equal talks and joint work. If this is so, then we do not need to pretend that change is possible in the future, he said.

Russian army to form 20 units in response to NATO
Russia’s military had this year announced the formation of 20 units in the country’s western part, claiming an increased threat from NATO. This was announced by Defense Minister Sergei Shogu. He pointed to the increased flights of US strategic bombers near the Russian border, the deployment of NATO warships, and intensive exercises by the coalition’s forces.