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Russia and Ukraine dispute: Control room built in embassy to help Indian students, order to increase flight numbers Control Room set up by MEA to help Indian students in Ukraine | Patrika News

Russia and Ukraine dispute: In the midst of the ongoing tension between Ukraine and Russia, the Indian government is making continuous efforts to help Indian students living there. The government has now also put forward the issue of increasing the number of flights coming from Ukraine.

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Updated: February 16, 2022 08:00:34 pm

Ukraine Crisis: The situation in Ukraine continues to be tense. Even though Russia has issued an order to call some of its soldiers back to the base, but despite this the situation has not improved so far. In view of this, now the Indian Embassy has also issued an advisory, in which it has been said that a control room will be opened for students in Ukraine, which will help the students 24 hours, along with an order to increase the number of flights coming from Ukraine. Is.

(Representative Image) Russia and Ukraine dispute:

Efforts to increase the number of flights:

On behalf of the Indian Embassy in Ukraine, it has been said that, we are aware that many Indian students are in Ukraine. At the same time, everyone’s family is very worried for them. Everyone is waiting for flights to India and want information about it. For this, talks are being held with all the airlines and aviation authorities, efforts are being made to increase the number of flights between Ukraine and India.

A control room has also been prepared for the Indian people in the Embassy, ​​as well as the Ministry of External Affairs is also trying to address the concerns of the families of the people living in Ukraine. Trying to help people in every way possible.

The main reasons for the dispute between Russia and Ukraine:

Russia opposes Ukraine’s membership of NATO. But Ukraine’s problem is that it will either have to be with America or go back to the old times like the Soviet Union. The distance between the two armies is 20-45 km. US President Joe Biden has already warned Russia that if it attacks Ukraine, the consequences will be dire.

On the other hand, Ukraine was also not ready to bow down, its soldiers are being trained by NATO forces. America fears that if Ukraine is captured from Russia, it will emerge as a superpower of Northern Europe. This will help China. That is, he will occupy Taiwan.

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