IndiaRSS-SDPI attempt for riots in Kerala: Kodiyeri Balakrishnan

RSS-SDPI attempt for riots in Kerala: Kodiyeri Balakrishnan

Thiruvananthapuram: CPM state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan said that the ISS and SDPI are trying to create an atmosphere of riots in the state. It is a planned attack. He also alleged that he was carrying out a campaign to stir up communal sentiment.

He said that in the Alappuzha double murder case, the police can catch the culprits and they can catch them wherever they hide. Rejecting allegations that the SDPI had infiltrated the CPM, Kodiyeri said that the SDPI could not infiltrate the CPM and that not all Muslims were SDPI.

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Kodiyeri Balakrishnan also criticized the SDPI for being happy if a murder took place. The CPM state secretary said in a press conference that the CPM would organize mass gatherings at local centers on January 4.

Kodiyeri Balakrishnan explained that the Silver Line project is a necessary project for Kerala. Shashi Tharoor MP’s common position in Kerala. He added that the criticism leveled against Tharoor was part of the party’s internal problems.

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Meanwhile, the Popular Front has demanded the arrest of K Surendran, who is trying to turn the state into a riot ground, and Vatsan Thillankeri, who is at the helm. BJP president K Surendran has said that terrorism is taking place in 24 places. Popular Front state general secretary A Abdul Sattar told a news conference in Kozhikode that they doubted whether there was a conscious attempt to provoke riots against Muslims here.

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