Rs 18 lakh blown out of account by opening girlfriend's mobile lock,...

Rs 18 lakh blown out of account by opening girlfriend’s mobile lock, court sentenced 3.5 years

Many people were surprised after hearing this news.

New Delhi:

Mobile phone has become an important part of the life of all of us. That’s why every person keeps his phone with great care. Especially when it comes to privacy, people keep fingerprint or facelock in the phone, so that their phone is not misused. But there are some people that by applying some trick or the other, they open the lock of the phone. These days a man opened the lock of his girlfriend and blew a huge amount of 18 lakhs from her account.

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According to one information, this incident is from China. A boy named Huang lives here. Huang is about 28 years old. A girl named Dong was his girlfriend. Both were staying in a hotel in December last year. The boy had mixed sleeping pills in the girl’s food. In such a situation, Dong fainted after eating it. After which the boy opened the lock of the girl’s phone.

The boy is accused that after Dong fainted, he picked up his phone and opened the lock by placing the mobile in front of the face. After this, he transferred 18 lakh rupees to his account from Alipay present in the mobile. Not only this, Huang also changed the password of AliPay. When Dong came to know about the matter, he lodged a complaint with the police.

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According to an information, Huang was arrested in April last year. After this the hearing of the case started going on in the Court. Recently, a Chinese court convicted Huang and sentenced him to 3.5 years in prison. Now this news is getting a lot of headlines all over the world.