SportsRonaldo to Manchester United and the shocking flips of European football

Ronaldo to Manchester United and the shocking flips of European football

When Ronaldo sent the message that he would leave Juventus, all attention was turned to Manchester City. Meanwhile, Manchester United was not mentioned by the media in the list of teams likely to recruit CR7. Even when the 2020-2021 season has just ended, there are many reports that the Portuguese superstar and “super agent” Jorge Mendes have actively contacted the Red Devils but were flatly rejected.
When football fans around the world thought it was only a matter of time before Ronaldo landed in Manchester, a surprise happened. At the last minute, Manchester United appeared and quickly brought the striker born in 1985 to Old Trafford. For many people, Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United is considered the fastest deal in recent seasons.

Before Ronaldo, football fans also witnessed many cases of buying and selling players when the situation changed dramatically in the European transfer market.

1. Daniel James: In 2019, Swansea agreed to sell Daniel James to Leeds United. The Welsh player has held the new team’s shirt in his hand, posed for a launch photo and is just waiting for the official announcement. However, the transfer collapsed at the last minute when Leeds considered the fee of £ 10 million to be too high for James’ ability. Then, the player born in 1997 joined Manchester United for a transfer fee of £ 15 million.
2. Alexis Sanchez: When no longer interested in dedicating to Arsenal, Sanchez decided to find a new destination to conquer the title. The Chilean striker seemed to have agreed to join Manchester City in the winter transfer window of the 2017-2018 season. At that time, The Citizens were negotiating because they did not want to spend too much money on a player whose contract expired at the end of the season. From here, the neighboring team Manchester United suddenly interrupted and robbed Sanchez when paying Arsenal a larger amount and the highest salary in the Premier League at that time (supposedly about £500,000 per week).
3. David De Gea: De Gea once decided to leave Manchester United to return to La Liga to play in 2015. The procedure will be completed on the last day of the transfer window and the former Atletico Madrid goalkeeper has arrived in the Spanish capital to prepare. Real Madrid fans debut. However, an hour before the summer transfer window closed, Manchester United’s fax machine “suddenly” malfunctioned. The two teams could not hand over the necessary documents, causing the De Gea transfer to fall apart. Currently, the Spaniard is still wearing the Red Devils shirt.
4: Ronaldinho: After pushing David Beckham to Real Madrid in the summer transfer window of 2003, Manchester United made great efforts to find a classy player to replace the English midfielder. At that time, Ronaldinho was targeted by manager Alex Ferguson and both sides reached personal agreements. The Brazilian striker is said to have been very close to the Old Trafford team. But in the end, Ro “swallowed” landed in Barcelona to the surprise of the leaders, players and fans of the Red Devils. Later, many sources revealed that the reason Ronaldinho did not wear the Manchester United shirt was because the Camp Nou team made an offer that was too attractive, could not be refused and of course had a much higher value than the one at the Camp Nou. offer from Manchester United. Then, the Red Devils recruited Cristiano Ronaldo.


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