WorldROKETSAN prefers domestic and national suppliers in 79 percent of its purchases

ROKETSAN prefers domestic and national suppliers in 79 percent of its purchases

Özgüç Onur Güneri, Development and Nationalization Manager of ROKETSAN Sub-Industrymade a presentation titled “Purchasing Processes in the Defense Industry” in the program of the Turkey Entrepreneurs Meeting Summit and Exhibition organized by the Entrepreneurial Businessmen Foundation (GİV) at the Selçuklu Congress Center and where Anadolu Agency is the “Global Communication Partner”.

Before Güneri’s presentation, the participants watched a cine-vision about ROKETSAN’s works and products.

Emphasizing that they attach importance to investing in people and technology, Güneri said, “We can proudly say that we are in the 3rd place among the companies that invest the most in R&D. We strive to increase these technologies day by day.” used his statements.

“We made purchases from 2 thousand 93 different suppliers in 2020”

Güneri said that they made purchases in areas such as weapon systems, raw materials, electronics, optics, transport equipment, ammunition, chemicals, and fasteners as a company:

“We made purchases from 2 thousand 93 different suppliers in 2020. We tried to make the majority of these purchases from domestic suppliers with domestic opportunities. We are a mission company as a sector and as a company. In this context, it is our responsibility to develop our SMEs and purchase from them as much as possible. “It is one of our biggest goals. 70 percent of these figures are companies in the status of SMEs.” he said.

Güneri stated that 185 of all these suppliers are suppliers that they have directly approved, witnessed and qualified, and that they will continue to make purchases with domestic means.

Reminding that there are 1710 companies that they benefit from with domestic opportunities, Güneri said, “We work with 914 companies from the Central Anatolia Region, which includes Konya. Even if it is not evenly distributed throughout Turkey, in order to evaluate all kinds of talents and competencies in a way that will contact the whole of Turkey as much as possible. We continue our efforts as best we can.” used his statements.

Güneri emphasized that they also buy products from Europe, the USA and the Far East, but that 79 percent of their purchases are from national and domestic suppliers.

Expressing that nationalization is not a choice but a necessity for the future of the country, Güneri said:

“What is the vision that we understand from nationalization and what is the vision put forward? Sustainability is the most important point here. You can achieve nationalization to a certain extent, within a certain period, but if the ecosystem, which is always emphasized, is not there and you have not made it a sustainable situation, you cannot make it permanent. We are doing this by evaluating. We are trying to come up with effective solutions in a way that will minimize foreign dependency and maximize our domestic opportunities.”

The summit, which was organized to add value to the entrepreneurship ecosystem, to inform entrepreneurs, to bring ideas and projects together with national and international investors and to contribute to the commercialization of projects, will end with an award ceremony to be held this evening.

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