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Rocket attack in residential area near Kabul airport, two killed including one innocent

A rocket attack was carried out in Gulai, a residential area near Kabul Airport. Three people including an innocent were killed in this attack. Earlier on Thursday, there was a serial blast at Kabul airport, in which 169 people were killed.

Kabul. The situation has been deteriorating continuously since the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan. After the attack on the international airport in the capital Kabul, a rocket attack was carried out on Sunday in the residential area near the airport. Two people including an innocent were killed in this rocket attack. Another three people were injured.

According to the information, the rocket hit a house in Gulai, Khajeh Baghra, a residential area near Kabul Airport. Images being shown in some local channels including social media showed smoke rising from around the spot. As of now, no one has claimed responsibility for this attack. There is a possibility of heavy damage in this rocket attack.

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America fired this rocket

In media reports quoting American officials, it is being told that America has carried out a strike on terrorists in Kabul. On condition of anonymity, officials have said that the US has targeted ISIS-K terrorists. On the other hand, the Taliban has issued a statement saying that the suicide bombers have been targeted in the US airstrike. This terrorist was in a vehicle to carry out a fidayeen attack on Kabul airport.

After the news of the death of a child in this incident, the US has clarified that its army had targeted the suicide bomber of ISIS-K through this attack. This suicide terrorist wanted to damage the Kabul airport.

Let us inform that earlier on Thursday, Kabul airport was shaken by serial bomb blasts. The blast killed 169 people, while dozens were injured. 13 American soldiers also lost their lives in this blast. After this blast, US President Joe Biden expressed apprehension that such attacks could happen in the future. He had claimed that the blast could be carried out within the next 24 to 36 hours. The terrorist organization ISIS-K had claimed responsibility for this serial blasts on Thursday.

There was chaos in the area after the attack

According to the information, there is an atmosphere of chaos after the rocket attack in Gulai, a residential area near Kabul Airport. People are running here and there to save their lives. In the pictures and videos that are coming out on social media and local media, a lot of smoke is seen rising around after the blast.

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It is being told that three people including an innocent have died in this attack. Another three people have been injured. Not only this, there is a possibility of heavy losses. In some pictures and videos after the rocket attack, people are seen running. While some people are trying to douse the fire by pouring water.

Let us tell you that the Taliban captured Kabul on 15 August. At the same time, it had captured many provinces of Afghanistan one by one. Since the capture of the capital Kabul, the situation there is very bad and people are running to save their lives. The Taliban has also started the process to form the government and has also demanded recognition from the world.


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