Robot showed facial expressions like humans, everyone was surprised to see the...

Robot showed facial expressions like humans, everyone was surprised to see the video

Many people have shared this video on social media.

New Delhi:

We know very well that technology has changed our world very fast. We are also well aware that in the coming days there will be an era of robots. Yes, robots are now handling many human tasks. In the coming days, when robots will become common, then everyone will be able to get their work done with the help of all the machines of one button. But now such a robot is making headlines, which shows gestures just like humans.

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According to a report, a UK company has recently made a robot. The specialty of this robot is that its facial expressions look exactly like humans. That’s why everyone was thrilled to see this robot. Its videos are being shared on Twitter and YouTube. The company has named this robot Ameca. Actually this company making this robot is working on this project. Which in the future they will sell such robots and will also rent them.

Watch the video here-

It can be clearly seen in the video posted on social media that the robot is changing the gestures of its face exactly like that of a human. The robot was running its eyes here and there just like a human. After this the robot is finally seen smiling. One would be surprised to see the way the robot is changing its facial expressions in the video.

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The video of this robot has got more than 10 million views so far. Another interesting thing is that many people find robot gestures very dangerous. That’s why many people said that one day robots will become a problem for humans. This is the reason that some people were worried about what would be the future of human beings.