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Rishabh Pant News- People will always question my way of playing but I am always finding ways to win matches: Rishabh Pant

new Delhi: Questions have often been raised about Rishabh Pant’s shot selection. He bats away from the traditions of cricket. His attitude is aggressive. And this aggressive approach makes him stand apart from the rest. Critics sometimes call it carelessness, but in the eyes of the captain and many cricket experts, this is his quality. This style gives him the X factor. And Pant himself has a similar opinion on this.

The Delhi Capitals captain says that it is just a matter of experience and improving his game based on that. In an interview given to our associate newspaper Times of India, he admitted that he has worked on the process.

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When Pant was asked that questions often arise on your shot selection. But you start playing big shots in the first five-six balls. And succeed too. Is it just a matter of perception? On this, this explosive batsman Pant said that he is the same human as before. He said, ‘I am the same as before. I just worked on my process. Not much has changed in my thinking. Pant, however, believes that experience matters a lot. “You keep adding things to your game with experience. People keep questioning my way of playing but I am always thinking of helping my team win any situation.

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Pant is currently India’s number one wicketkeeper. He knows this but his priority has always been cricket. He said, ‘Cricket will always be my first priority. It is not easy for me to focus on anything else. I have always tried to strike a balance between cricket and life off the field.