IndiaRichard Branson preparing for first space tour; Six people of Indian...

Richard Branson preparing for first space tour; Six people of Indian descent were on board


  • Launch tomorrow
  • Private space in curiosity
  • And of Indian descent as part of the mission

New York: Tomorrow is a crucial day for billionaire Richard Branson’s dream project, the Virgin Galactic. Tomorrow is Richard Branson’s first space flight aboard the company’s VSS unit. Six people, including Richard Branson, are aboard the VSS Unity spacecraft ahead of the start of space tourism. Launched on Sunday from New Mexico in the US. Sirisha Bandla, an Indian national, will also be on board.

The group of six will depart from the company’s Spaceport America space station in New Mexico. The VSS unit, which will be launched with the help of the mothership VMS Eve, will be separated from the mothership at an altitude of 50,000 feet and will be launched into space with the help of propellers. After spending a few minutes in space, the spacecraft will return to the runway in a similar manner to the aircraft. The VSS Unit 22 mission is an important chapter in the space war involving US billionaires Bef Bezos and Elon Musk.

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Sirisha Bandula, of Indian descent, will be on board the spacecraft, which will depart tomorrow. Sirisha, 34, was born in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh but grew up in the United States. Sirisha is the third Indian to prepare for space travel. Sirisha tweeted that the company aims to make space travel accessible to all and is proud to be a part of the mission. Sirisha’s mission is part of a series of experiments conducted in collaboration with the University of Florida.

VSS unit flying with the help of Mothership Photo: AP

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In addition to Sirisha and Richard Branson, Beth Moses and Colin Bennett will also be on board. This is VSS Unity’s second space mission with humans. Many of those who bought tickets to fly into space in the coming years will witness the launch. More than 600 people have already secured tickets for the space shuttle for around Rs 2 crore.

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