EntertainmentRhymastic invited Suboi, Karik, Wowy to make music to exchange rice for...

Rhymastic invited Suboi, Karik, Wowy to make music to exchange rice for people in HCMC

On August 13, 2021, the SpaceSpeakers group with prominent names in the music industry such as Rhymastic, Binz, Touliver, SOOBIN, JustaTee… initiated a community campaign called “Muzik stamping out the epidemic” with the desire to spread the talents. positive energy, creating a playground for young people who love music and contributing practical values ​​to the community.

According to the explanation from the team of Rhymastic, “Muzik stamping out the epidemic” roughly means using music to contribute to repel the epidemic, heal the spirit, and revive positive energy for everyone in a long series of days. way. Accordingly, from a music beat produced by SpaceSpeakers, rappers, dancers, producers… can be creative according to their talents to create a video with a personal mark. The requirements for these videos are civilized, positive, non-provocative content.

As soon as the announcement of the campaign was posted on the official fanpage, Rhymastic was the first member of SpaceSpeakers to open the challenge. Although he was still quite tired because he had just finished his vaccination, the male judge “Rap Viet” still made fans excited with the “quality” in the verse. For details, please watch the video.