WorldResponding to the forest fire in Şemdinli

Responding to the forest fire in Şemdinli

A fire broke out in the Güzelkaya hamlet of the River Village of the district at noon.

The forest chief and municipality teams are responding to the fire with the support of security guards and citizens.

Crews are making great efforts to prevent the fire, which spread over a wide area due to the wind, to reach the residential area.

Municipal Fire Chief Ufuk Bilicer said that they took action in the area as soon as they received the fire notice at noon.

Stating that they prevented the fire from spreading to the houses in the village, Bilicer said:

“After the buckets caused the fire, we came to the area where the fire was intense. We intervened as much as we could on both sides. However, when the fire blew in the opposite direction with the effect of the wind, it spread to places we did not want. The fire continues intensely. We did our best not to spread to the houses in the village. As the municipality, we used all our facilities. We respond to the fire with security guards, villagers and teams from the forest chief.”

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