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Resistance claims to have killed 600 Taliban soldiers in fierce fighting in Panjshir . valley

A Taliban spokesman said the group now controls four of the seven districts of Panjshir province. But the Afghan National Resistance Front insists it has surrounded “thousands of terrorists”… and adds that “fierce clashes” are taking place.
According to Sputnik news site on September 4, resistance spokesman Fahim Dashti wrote on Twitter: “About 600 Taliban fighters have been killed in different districts of Panjshir since morning. More than 1,000 other Taliban were captured or surrendered. In a Facebook post, the leader of Panjshir said the province “continues to stand its ground”.

Members of the Afghan National Resistance Front watch from a hill in the Panjshir . Valley

Earlier, a Taliban source said the group’s advance had been slowed by landmines on the way to the provincial capital. It is not yet possible to independently confirm what is happening in the valley, which the Taliban had no control over when they took power in Afghanistan many years ago.
Earlier, on September 3, celebratory gunfire was heard in the capital Kabul after the news that the Taliban took Panjshir was spread. News agencies reported at least 17 people were killed and 41 injured after the celebratory shootings.


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