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Researchers making ‘God’ in the name of artificial intelligence, warns former Google employee

A former executive of US-based multinational technology company Google has warned about Artificial Intelligence (AI). Mo Gawdat, who was the chief business officer of Google’s Moonshot organization, said that this technology is reducing the importance of humans. In such a situation, artificial intelligence is becoming a big threat to humanity. Google’s Moonshot organization was then known as Google X.

AI can become a threat to humanity
In an interview with The Times, Mo Gawdat said that I believe that the artificial intelligence shown in science fiction movies like The Terminator to Skynet is true to a certain extent. If it is used on a large scale, then it can become a big threat to humanity. We cannot surrender ourselves to divine machines.

Many intimidating information found in the company
Gavdat said that while working with AI developers at Google X, he also came across a lot of intimidating information. He said the researchers working there were building a robotic arm capable of finding and lifting a small ball. Gavdat said that the robotic hand caught the ball as soon as the researcher pointed it. It looked like he could read minds.

Researchers are making God in the name of AI
He said that seeing this suddenly I felt scared and I was completely stunned. The reality is that these researchers are creating God in the name of Artificial Intelligence. Google is preparing to implement Artificial Intelligence on a large scale. With this, users will also get convenience in using many types of products.

Elon Musk also warned
There is no dearth of people in the tech industry who are afraid of artificial intelligence. For example, Elon Musk has also warned the world many times about the dangers posed by AI. Facial recognition and predictive policing algorithms have the potential to harm people’s privacy.


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